A commitment to IT Innovation and Sustainability

Specialist IT Services, Consulting and solution provider, helps clients plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures..

A passion for Innovative Services

BGOS Group expertise in Networking, Security, Operating environments, Storage, Collaboration and Data Center Technologies and its unique skills in Services, Consulting, Integration and Managed services to create customized client solutions..

Data Center Solutions

Design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems that the Data Center depends on every day.

Networking Solutions

Complex solutions around IP communications, wireless mobility, and security, to industry-specific solutions.

Hardware Solutions

with networking hardware often being optimised for other vendors middleware, hardware and services.

IT Consulting

Solutions in networking, data center, security, collaboration, big data, the Internet of Things, Lifecycle, Adoption, Engagement Services.

Project Management

properly planned, procured, and deployed, these business solutions reduce costs, increase profitability and ultimately improve a company.

IT Solutions

Our in-house Secure Operations Center and Network Operations Center provide 24×7 managed services and support.

BGOS Group Resources

In addition to IT Innovation outcomes, solutions, software, and licensing, BGOS provides unparalleled technical expertise with professional services, covering everything from consultancy, design and implementation, and we’re proud to hold an extensive range of specialist engineers with Cisco and the industry.

BGOS IT Services

  • Managed Service Provider.
  • Data Center Services.
  • Network and Desktop Services.
  • Infrastructure as a Service

BGOS Consulting Service

  • IT Consulting solutions into mid-market and enterprise.
  • IT integration, including design, installation, optimization.
  • Impact, measurable and sustainable business change.

“BGOS anticipate, adapt and move quickly to solve problems, because at the end of every solution are people, and to us, good people matter.”

Bharat Singh

Managing Partner, BGOS Group

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